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Education Outreach Institute

Our Vision

Parents & Family


Mission Statement

Mission Statement


To empower parents to obtain a higher knowledge of our educational system and improved family relationships through effective and proven success principles.

The dawn of our new leaders

What the program offers:


  • Decades of wisdom reduced to invaluable hours.
  • Parents' familiarization with the education system in the U.S.
  • Practical tips and proven strategies to deal with everyday life situations all parents face...and a lot more!

Our Vision


To create a family environment in which parents lead their children by example to become long term life achievers who make positive contributions to the community.

Your future is waiting at Education Outreach Institute.     

Welcome to your amazing life!

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At The EDUCATION OUTREACH INSTITUTE our goal is to help America's families achieve success. Passionately driven by our vision, we sincerely believe it takes each of us to make all of us.

Focusing on the untapped human potential dormant within us, we hope to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve greatness, and bring back important values to strengthen the very roots of our society: the family.


Mr. Marc Ahumada

Strengthening America's foundation